The Palladian Way Route Observations and Amendments 2016

Note – Many of my original stage lengths are proving to be too long for other groups who have since walked the trail so that some parties have been taking 10-14 days for the whole trail.

Note – The summer of 2016 was very wet at times and vegetation growth was a problem and in particular the Oil Seed Rape crops which are most prevalent and at times impassable from June to late August


Page 15 – 2nd para The NT visitor centre is about 200m to the right of The Corinthian Arch
and the cafe and facilities are available to walkers without an entrance fee

19 – end 1st para The private road has new housing being built and the footpath sign has
gone but we have put a PW disc on the telegraph pole opposite.

20 – 2nd para The route through Wood Farm yard is (presently!) clearer with no
obstructions or temporary gates.

20 – 3rd &4th para The bridle path through both lots of woodland has become very
chewed up by increased riding school usage. V bad in wet weather.

22 – End New Costa Coffee outlet on left of High Street. – open until 7.00PM.


Page 26 – 2nd para- diagonal route cleared with some new cc discs. 4th para – ploughed line down length of field so turn off right to stile when opposite copse

27 – 5th para – incredible new Obelisk now erected to commemorate Queens Jubilee pass on right and continue on track way as mentioned.

29 – 5th para – line across field is now clear.(but no crop -April)

30 – 4th para – After concrete track, turn left with farm buildings now on your right. Double track after several corners is further than anticipated. 5th para – village stores no longer evident

32 – 2nd para – Just to the left along the busy minor road is the hamlet of Middleton Stony with The Jersey Arms (Best Western) Hotel. Useful for a shorter day/ stage? 3rd para – Walkers stopping at Middleton Stony and commencing the trail at a later date, and with transport arranged, could start their day at Aves Ditch, thereby cutting out the road walking.

35 & 1st para 36. Alternative detour via Kirtlington not inspected. There are now Private signs outside the lodge although this unofficial access is probably used by local walkers.


Page 47 3rd para. The Blenheim Estate are carrying out extensive works for dredging the lake and the existing formal footpath we normally used may be closed for some time (Summer 2022). There is an easy alternative – viz – Turn left on tarmacked roadway and ascent up towards The Palace. Soon spot a view of the bridge over the lake on your right and descent over grass to the water’s edge. Turn left and follow the narrow path around the lake towards the bridge. Ascend a grassy bank up towards the bridge and walk across it. After about 100m turn off left through a pedestrian gate and descend down the bank where you join original route on page 48 para 2 after ‘descend’.

49 Photograph The publisher unfortunately got photographs mixed up and this church is the one at Northleigh!

53 3rd para – You can also walk on the edge of the woodland rather than the sunken bridleway which can be muddy in winter. 4th para – Lamb Inn closed on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes.

56 2nd para – The Swan Hotel does actually do, reasonably priced, and very good bar food.

59 End – The large free car park is reached by taking the first right turning just after The Great House and is at the bottom of the lane on the right and over the River Windrush.


Page 62 2nd para. The excellent work on the bank and the ‘Clapper’ bridge were kindly completed by The Cotswold Wardens after the book originally went to print.

66 The New Inn is now privately owned but still providing good food and drinks. The higher route does need some concentrating on route finding in particular Para 6 with one way mark post down.


Page 70 last para – the track into the wood is quite overgrown and way markers not easily spotted.

71 2nd para – the isolated bit of wall has the remains of a stone stile in the middle. The line of the footpath is now enclosed between post and rail fencing with a new stile by the outbuildings.

73 1st para. New fencing on left marks the line. Churchyard makes for a good mid morning stop. 4th para – Path before reaching minor road is now enclosed and a bit tight. Could walk outside it?

75 The Crown at Crucis is open all day and serves good bar meals. Tables outside by attractive stream.

76 2nd para -The field towards the pylon in the corner was covered with Oil Seed Rape and needed a circuitous route to get to the corner where the gap in the hedge and the planked bridge were difficult to find. 3rd para. My original route through the 3rd field is not a right of way but despite having to cross the very busy A 417 it saves a lot of later road walking. The alternative is to take the diagonal line across
the field , turn right on the far side and then walk up to the road bridge over the A417. One could then continue straight over the bridge into the village of Preston and through to the roundabout on the A419 to join my original route. There is little difference in distance but a bit over a kilometre of additional road walking, of which there is more into Cirencester. 6th para. The lorry park is now a Travel Lodge Hotel, but despite the building works, the route is still clear.

77 1st para. The CP charge is presently only £2 all day and walkers doing seperate day stages could leave a car here and do the remaining kilometre into Cirencester at the start of the next stage.

Page 85 1st para Stile in corner of field obscured since there is now a gap in the wall which many walkers have used. 3rd para. My route deliberately goes to the church but The Monarchs Way turns off before and their route may be more straightforward than mine since the route across the ensuing field(s) is not that clear.

86 3rd para There is a planning notice alongside the stile over the road at the end of the village and this refers to a change of route ahead. Upon reaching a wooden gate after two fields my (original) route went diagonally across the field towards the aerial mast mentioned in the script but I think the new route goes around the field alongside the boundary to eventually reach the aerial mast.

88 1st para There is very little way marking (no posts) after the road and the mile or so to Addy’s Firs but we were pleasantly surprised to find the whole route had recently been mown – 5 metres wide! 3rd para The route passes through a thicket between two of the fields and can be blocked and very muddy in winter. 7th para and 1st para 90. The alternative mentioned in my script is now the best bet since the gate to the
originally suggested route is now locked and the track after very overgrown. New way markers are now in place.

90 3rd para The worst section of oil seed rape on the whole walk. Imperative to get to the top of the rise before turning right and looking for the cross hedge. The houses of Brockenborough can be seen on the skyline over to the left which is the direction to reach. 8th para Do NOT cross the fixed gate but continue in the same field with the hedge on left until reaching a further gate where join my original route. New way marks in place.


Should be all straight forward.


This Stage is probably not walked a lot since not on main route. Quite heavily stiled.

Page 95 Start If parking in The Old Station CP there is a footpath out to The Long Bridge, where script follows

97 2nd para The stile in the hedge off the lane was very obscured and needs looking for. last para Pleasingly, there is now fencing to stop the off roaders desecrating the river banks.

98 1st para I now always walk around the field which is a lot easier.

99 3rd para NOT left of centre but diagonally across. Due to the crops in 2016 I walked up the left hand side and then right to reach the gap mentioned. The metal barn is not immediately in view. 4th para Again it was easier to follow the field boundary and rather than walk back up to stile in the ‘sparse’ hedge it was easier to use the gate in the corner of the field.


Page 103 3rd para The new stile is already obliterated by foliage and it is a lot easier to continue on the drove road for a further 200m to a junction of paths where turn right and follow the clear path for a further 100m to spot the stile (mentioned in script) on left and cross into ‘lush pasture’. 4th para ‘the obvious track’ leads towards farm buildings and after the first gateway the route bears off left to the stile mentioned in the hedge opposite. 6th para Avenue is Poplars not Conifers.

105 3rd para Stile very awkward. 4thpara New stiles were put in after the book was published. ROUTE DIFFERENT Go to left of farm
gate and find stile beyond in corner. Continue on to further stile. Both now in poor condition. Continue across large field to find further stile 100m to right of cattle feeding trough. Over the stile- ‘follow fencing etc’

107 2nd para The ‘small wooden gate’ is easy to miss on the right.


Page 111 Start If starting this stage from the large free CP above the village. It is not necessary to walk all the way down the road into the centre of the village since there is a more attractive alternative. Leave the CP by the steps, turn right onto the access lane and then right again onto the main road. At the first bend turn off right into a private road and continue on past cottages to find an
enclosed path between post and rail fencing. Follow this through trees and then downhill past the edge of the golf course. Bear left between stone walls and continue down into the village centre. 2nd para After 200m the path forks right and then descend. 5th para Avoid bearing uphill to the left which is The Macmillan Way

112 1st para The hedge has now been extended with new planting just after crossing the stile so continue
uphill between the new trees. 3rd para Stile broken, but gate opens.

114 5th para After the new stile, and over the hill, it can be difficult to spot the footbridge and stile below but it is in line with the cross hedge in the field opposite. 6th para The gap in the ‘further hedge’ is almost closed and difficult to pass through.

115 4th para The line over the top of the tunnel is actually towards a telegraph pole, with waymark attached. The stile is an open V one and is next to a metal gate with footbridge beyond.


Pleasingly this last stage is mostly free of any significant changes.

Page 117 2nd para Pub on Bath side of the A4 is now an Indian restaurant. No way marks around church.

118 1st para Path now rather clearer

119 3rd para Surfaced track which was remnants of old airfield is mostly dug up now. 5th para View of Claverton Manor mostly obliterated except in winter with no foliage.

123 1st para Road was actually the original bed of canal and footpath on bank above was the towpath.

124 5th para The Bath Skyline path is NOT all on ground owned by the NT

127 4th para It is now possible to walk to the LEFT of The Holburne museum, with it’s attractive cafe, and emerge on the ring road with Great Pulteney Street almost opposite.

128 1st para The author very much likes the tea shop which is down steep steps, on the left, just before Pulteney Bridge, and which has good views over the weir and river.

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