The Ross Round – March 2019 Addendum

It is now six years since our last addendum and there have been quite a few more changes that effect the route(s).

Page 9 – Rights of Way Enquiries. For Herefordshire – no longer Amey but and further to Herefordshire – Local Access Forum. For Gloucestershire also to FAO PROW Team. The local branches of Ramblers can often help with specific problems.

Page 10 –  Broome Farm now own The Red Lion Pub in Peterstow which is just off the route (see P53) and where off sales of Cider are now conducted, as well as offering good food and drink.

Page 15 –  2nd paragraph. The vehicular track goes into a new clearing which is connected to the A449 but walkers need to continue ahead on the narrower track that passes The Burnt House to arrive at the crossing of the A449 opposite.

Page 17 – Last paragraph. After Fellhampton Farm, the footpath becomes enclosed and is easy to miss.

Page 25 – Last paragraph. Footpath is diverted so continue up road PAST the Black painted gate for about 100m to find a Footpath sign to the left. The route initially goes into a little copse but then continues on through fields to reach the minor road mentioned in the original script, but beyond the driveway to Hill Court.

Page 27 – First paragraph. The footpath is now signed to the right of the embankment but still turn left at the end but now 50m distance before turning right.

Page 27 – Last paragraph. The Riverside Inn is presently closed so suggest The Hope and Anchor Inn which is 200m further on riverside.

Page 33 – The Alma Inn may now offer more food facilities.

Page 34 – The Nags Head Inn now closed. See P36.

Page 35 – Paragraph 3. Narrow enclosed footpath no longer enclosed.

Page 36 – Last paragraph. Walkers wishing for a pub lunch will now have to consider The Farmers Boy pub. They will have to continue on down the lane under the old railway bridge to arrive at the busy A40 road. The pub is 200m on the right. This will then involve walking back alongside the A40 and rejoining the original route by the site of The Nags Head. This would add approximately 500m to the overall length of the stage/ walk.

Page 37 – Last paragraph. The route across the two fields to Bradley Farm is still awkward with electric fencing in the second field so the road option may still be advisable.

Page 39 – 2nd paragraph. The route is now not PAST Holly Bushes but through or around them. We are trying to trace the owner of the woods to get the footpath cleared.

Page 39 – Last paragraph. New gate to right of stile.

Page 40 – Paragraph 3. Change of route – CONTINUE straight over the top of the field. Drop down to the bottom of the dip and then up the other side to find an obscure stile in the hedge above. Cross and then turn left, follow the hedgerow, to cross another stile and to then emerge out onto a lane. Turn right here on the original route and continue on to reach the telephone box as described.

Page 51 – Paragraph 3. After ‘onto a narrower track and after another 10m’ bear LEFT onto a further track which winds its way through the wood for approx 400m to arrive at a gate which pass through – continue up the large field etc.

Page 54 – Paragraph 3. Car Park is now chargeable (presently only 50p).

Page 55 – The Visitor Centre in the Market Place is now closed.

Regrettably we cannot change any maps in the book without reprinting but all changed routes are shown on the relevant OS Explorer maps.

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