Addendum to Wyche Way

We have regrettably suffered a major setback for this trail, whereby the farmer at Hyatt Sarnesfield has rescinded our mutual agreement to walk across his land. There is no easy alternative within the same area, so we have established a new route to the north of the A4112 road. This was our preferred route before we came to the agreement with the farmer.

The new route starts in the hamlet of Logaston, 9.5km into the trail, and is now waymarked all the way into Weobley. The owners of a house on the existing route and just before the change of route, Andrew and Karen Johnson, have kindly agreed for us to display a plastic display box, with route descriptions for walkers to take, if they have not already received the details, within any new book sales. The new route is slightly shorter than previous and is more straightforward but does include a little more lane and road walking. The actual route description can also be emailed to any interested parties who have not yet purchased the book. Contact Guy via this page.

Additionally I am presently (Covid permitting) walking over the whole route and refreshing the waymarking. Any other (minor, I trust) changes will be added to this addendum, hopefully by the end of this year.

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